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Division Instruction Offered Name City State Phone
PG Advanced & Tandem Timothy Meehan Arvada CO 303-420-4344
PG Advanced & Tandem Alejandro Palmaz Aspen CO 970-379-6975
PG Advanced & Tandem Granger Banks Boulder CO 303-494-2820
PG Advanced & Tandem Kay Tauscher Boulder CO 303-817-0803
PG Advanced & Tandem Royal Owens Carbondale CO 970-379-9836
PG Advanced & Tandem Peter Thompson Carbondale CO 724-984-1982
PG Advanced & Tandem Kelly Davis Centennial CO 303-909-6807
PG Advanced & Tandem Gregory Babush Denver CO 6506448008
PG Advanced & Tandem Etienne Pienaar Glenwood Springs CO 970-274-1619
PG Advanced & Tandem Kevin Mcginley Telluride CO 970-208-5251
PG Advanced & Tandem Ryan Taylor Telluride CO 970-708-4247
PG Advanced & Tandem Gregory Kelley Vail CO 970-376-0495
PG Advanced Charles Savall Dillon CO 970-389-9514
PG Advanced Benoit Bruneau Evergreen CO 9173596449
PG Basic & Tandem John Fullenkamp Breckenridge CO 970-390-4437
PG Basic & Tandem Hayden Dudley Carbondale CO 970-379-1367
PG Basic & Tandem Bob Blount Vail CO 970-390-8130
PG Basic Ted Smith Colorado Springs CO 719-761-1486
PG Basic Douglas Brown Vail CO 970-531-5712
PG Basic Jurgen Durrschmidt Vail CO 970.331.5057
PG Tandem Rick Damiani Arvada CO 303-513-7704
PG Tandem Daniel Lahr Aspen CO 970-618-2104
PG Tandem Cherie Silvera Aspen CO 970-948-0727
PG Tandem Steve Vance Aspen CO 970-923-8851
PG Tandem Ludovic Simon Aspen CO 720-635-0543
PG Tandem Tomek Pegiel Aspen CO 970-315-2815
PG Tandem David Champaign Avon CO 970-845-7321
PG Tandem Douglas D-autrechy Basalt CO 970-379-7386
PG Tandem Johannes Rath Boulder CO 720-705-2505
PG Tandem Ty Gunnlaugsson Boulder CO 682-309-0154
PG Tandem Mauricio Fleitas Boulder CO 650-303-0059
PG Tandem Casey Meeks Brighton CO 720-323-0138
PG Tandem Thomas Keough Broomfield CO 970-390-8467
PG Tandem Shad Coulson Calhan CO 719-650-6686
PG Tandem Zack Smith Carbondale CO 970-366-0968
PG Tandem Patrick Henry-ii Carbondale CO 970-948-5480
PG Tandem Christopher Blachly Carbondale CO 970-963-9499
PG Tandem Michael Jobin Denver CO 303-349-9721
PG Tandem David Hach Denver CO 970-274-6616
PG Tandem Darren Jack Denver CO 9704716586
PG Tandem John Harlow Denver CO 7205031974
PG Tandem Carl Snitselaar Durango CO 970-759-1492
PG Tandem Bill Lhotta Golden CO 303-581-4816
PG Tandem Jason Ely Golden CO 303-709-4592
PG Tandem Joshua Taylor Golden CO 502-413-1649
PG Tandem Gary Vaillancourt Golden CO 303-880-5034
PG Tandem Rick Baars Grand Junction CO 970-361-5228
PG Tandem Kris Husted Leadville CO 970-376-0684
PG Tandem David Malin Montrose CO 970-309-7202
PG Tandem J-karl Welter Telluride CO 970-275-2169
PG Tandem Jeff Cristol Telluride CO 970-729-0078
PG Tandem Bob Strong Vail CO 970-376-3363
PG Tandem Matt Bickley Vail CO 970-393-2008
PG Tandem Garrett Gardner Vail CO 714-247-9351
PG Tandem Mike Benzie Wheat Ridge CO 720-333-3135

DISCLAIMER: USHPA Certification of an instructor means that the instructor has completed a course of training with USHPA and successfully completed both practical and written testing concerning this training. Just like a university who offers a degree after completion of certain courses, USHPA makes no warranty or representations as to the expertise or aptitude of any USHPA certified instructor other than to verify that he or she successfully completed a training course with USHPA.

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