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Instructors in California

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Division Instruction Offered Name City State Phone
PG Advanced & Tandem Pete Gifford Arcata CA 805-331-5750
PG Advanced & Tandem Tom Morris Atascadero CA 805-235-3081
PG Advanced & Tandem Jason Shapiro Auburn CA 530-306-1082
PG Advanced & Tandem Kari Castle Bishop CA 760-920-0748
PG Advanced & Tandem Robert Peloquin Camarillo CA 805-390-3308
PG Advanced & Tandem Ken Baier Encinitas CA 760-213-0063
PG Advanced & Tandem Bo Criss Goleta CA 805-403-5848
PG Advanced & Tandem Joseph Seitz Grover Beach CA 413-535-8696
PG Advanced & Tandem Yuen Wai-kit Hayward CA 415-425-1838
PG Advanced & Tandem Stephen Nowak Huntington Beach CA 909-202-9581
PG Advanced & Tandem Jesse Meyer La Honda CA 650-269-9053
PG Advanced & Tandem Philip Russman La Jolla CA 619-993-1922
PG Advanced & Tandem John Ryan La Mesa CA 619-549-1540
PG Advanced & Tandem Len Szafaryn Long Beach CA 562-439-8153
PG Advanced & Tandem Patrick Eaves Los Osos CA 805-748-6225
PG Advanced & Tandem Hadi Golian Malibu CA 818-681-7936
PG Advanced & Tandem Dave Turner Mammoth Lakes CA 760-914-2334
PG Advanced & Tandem Gever Tulley Montara CA 650-728-5564
PG Advanced & Tandem Juan Laos Moraga CA 925-963-7802
PG Advanced & Tandem Christopher Grantham Ojai CA 805-368-3543
PG Advanced & Tandem Jeffrey Greenbaum Pacifica CA 415-310-7411
PG Advanced & Tandem Mike Fifield Pacifica CA 5302637558
PG Advanced & Tandem Jordan Neidinger Perris CA 951-901-0995
PG Advanced & Tandem Wallace Anderson San Anselmo CA 415-456-3670
PG Advanced & Tandem Marcello Debarros San Bernadino CA 714-608-3451
PG Advanced & Tandem Max Marien San Diego CA 619-708-1096
PG Advanced & Tandem Robin Marien San Diego CA 858-452-9858
PG Advanced & Tandem Bob Hammond-jr San Diego CA 619-246-0468
PG Advanced & Tandem Todd Gray San Diego CA 917-375-4157
PG Advanced & Tandem Harry Sandoval San Leandro CA 650-291-8258
PG Advanced & Tandem Ed Stein San Mateo CA 415-902-7070
PG Advanced & Tandem Rob Sporrer Santa Barbara CA 805-331-5751
PG Advanced & Tandem Chad Bastian Santa Barbara CA 805-966-5900
PG Advanced & Tandem Kevin Howe Santa Barbara CA 805-570-2386
PG Advanced & Tandem Brian Petersen Santa Barbara CA 805-679-1442
PG Advanced & Tandem Mitchell Neary South Lake Tahoe CA 530-318-1859
PG Advanced & Tandem Nicholas Greece Truckee CA 516-816-1333
PG Advanced & Tandem Randy Liggett Ukiah CA 707-391-4516
PG Advanced & Tandem Klaus Schlueter Vallejo CA 415-425-7391
PG Advanced & Tandem Marty Devietti Ventura CA 805-832-3088
PG Advanced & Tandem Michael Masterson Westminster CA 714-812-0099
PG Advanced & Tandem Giuseppe Free Whitethorn CA 707-986-1550
PG Advanced Jerome Daoust San Jacinto CA 951-654-4513
PG Advanced Kim Galvin Alameda CA 510-912-3943
PG Advanced Gabriel Jebb La Jolla CA 858-531-3482
PG Advanced Julie Spiegler Montara CA 415-218-3237
PG Advanced David Hebert Perris CA 720-363-3907
PG Advanced Maria-teresa Montero-terry Santa Barbara CA 805-450-0525
PG Advanced Stanley-kyon Ki-hong Torrance CA 213-999-4664
PG Basic & Tandem Joel Mcminn Benicia CA 707-758-1078
PG Basic & Tandem Charles Beaudoin Cayucos CA 805-550-2552
PG Basic & Tandem Tim Barker Goleta CA 805-729-1369
PG Basic & Tandem Steve Van-fleet La Jolla CA 541-727-8465
PG Basic & Tandem Cody Richardson Montague CA 3852275327
PG Basic & Tandem Brian Kerr Mount Shasta CA 530-926-1710
PG Basic & Tandem Cynthia Currie Pacific Grove CA 561-313-3164
PG Basic & Tandem Allen Thoe Redlands CA 510-388-6653
PG Basic & Tandem Robert Tyson San Diego CA 415-203-0151
PG Basic & Tandem Juan Silva San Diego CA 619-569-0450
PG Basic & Tandem Jeff Miglionico San Diego CA 951-757-2710
PG Basic & Tandem Robert Posey San Jose CA 408-218-6192
PG Basic & Tandem Chien Dinh San Jose CA 408-204-2060
PG Basic & Tandem Jc Perren San Marcos CA 813-312-6282
PG Basic & Tandem Dilan Benedetti Santa Barbara CA 917-689-4485
PG Basic & Tandem Tyler Bradford South Lake Tahoe CA 805-403-0478
PG Basic & Tandem Joon Kwak South Pasadena CA 213-820-9232
PG Basic & Tandem Robert Black Vallejo CA 707-654-6750
PG Basic & Tandem Philip Wilson Winnetka CA 818-524-0692
PG Basic Chris Clontz Goleta CA 805-729-0256
PG Basic Michael Vergalla Mountain View CA 908-399-9413
PG Basic Andrew Quine Santa Barbara CA 808-385-7565
PG Basic Jon Lovering Sunnyvale CA 408-832-1827
PG Tandem Aaron Price Agoura Hills CA 6263945530
PG Tandem Kirk Sellinger Alpine CA 206-718-4471
PG Tandem Evan Cohen Belmont CA 6502505888
PG Tandem Steve Young Belmont CA 650-619-4622
PG Tandem Jill Nephew Berkeley CA 707-536-3715
PG Tandem Clancy Umphrey Boron CA 2082301590
PG Tandem Chris Nabholz Burbank CA 717-586-5875
PG Tandem Win Ganly Cathedral City CA 510-672-1397
PG Tandem William Deley Danville CA 415-515-0945
PG Tandem Honza Rejmanek Davis CA 530-758-4442
PG Tandem Chris Considine El Dorado Hills CA 916-600-5750
PG Tandem Anthony Abate El Verano CA 707-495-0134
PG Tandem Solomon Reisberg Foster City CA 740-326-0305
PG Tandem Patrick Allaire Fremont CA 510-304-1381
PG Tandem John Bettencourt Grass Valley CA 6192499662
PG Tandem Henry Baker Holtville CA 760.604.4996
PG Tandem Jeffry Seals Huntington Beach CA 801-462-1581
PG Tandem Bob Ryan Laguna Niguel CA 714-350-7860
PG Tandem Jeremy Conrad Lake Arrowhead CA 605-376-4710
PG Tandem Greg Didriksen Lotus CA 530-320-0181
PG Tandem Cody Tuttle Mammoth Lakes CA 760-458-7445
PG Tandem James Borgman Newport Beach CA 949-456-9213
PG Tandem Daniel Retz Novato CA 415-845-0419
PG Tandem Robert Motsinger Oceanside CA 619-379-0735
PG Tandem Arnel Sanchez Pacifica CA 415-846-2470
PG Tandem Shane Easton Pacifica CA 815-540-1139
PG Tandem David Lehr Patterson CA 650-888-6506
PG Tandem Terry Hawkins Redding CA 808-264-4900
PG Tandem Arun Moorthy San Carlos CA 650-468-0842
PG Tandem Paul Webber San Diego CA 858-829-6066
PG Tandem Jason Kinch San Diego CA 619-547-6151
PG Tandem James Chen San Diego CA 619-347-0743
PG Tandem David Metzgar San Diego CA 858-336-5391
PG Tandem Ivan Guajardo San Diego CA 760-468-0524
PG Tandem Andrew Whitehill San Geronimo CA 415-999-1477
PG Tandem Mike Kellogg San Jose CA 4083609462
PG Tandem Lukas Marti San Jose CA 650-279-3447
PG Tandem Daniel Borrero Santa Ana CA 949-331-4379
PG Tandem Christopher Tillier Santa Ana CA 714-368-3452
PG Tandem Aaron La-plante Santa Barbara CA 805-886-1435
PG Tandem Neal Michaelis Santa Barbara CA 310-699-5204
PG Tandem Matthias Annefeld Sausalito CA 650-580-8948
PG Tandem Paul Egidio Sonoma CA 707-217-3111
PG Tandem Kevin Thompson Three Rivers CA 559-799-2843
PG Tandem Tomas Prochazka Truckee CA 5304141465
PG Tandem James Macdonald Truckee CA 530.414.0483
PG Tandem John Mcmahon Valencia CA 310-730-9060
PG Tandem Wade Maurer Vista CA 760-598-2754

DISCLAIMER: USHPA Certification of an instructor means that the instructor has completed a course of training with USHPA and successfully completed both practical and written testing concerning this training. Just like a university who offers a degree after completion of certain courses, USHPA makes no warranty or representations as to the expertise or aptitude of any USHPA certified instructor other than to verify that he or she successfully completed a training course with USHPA.

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