Steve Rodrigues
Director 06
2020 - 2020 |
Steve took his first hang gliding lesson in 1980, and having discovered that flying was literally a dream come true, ordered a brand new glider the very next day! Steve has participated in many other adventurous sports including skydiving, paragliding, rock climbing, snow skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, bungee jumping, and motorcycling, both in dirt and on the track, but in his own words: "Nothing beats flying a hang glider!" Besides working for a number of hang gliding schools as an Advanced Instructor, and a Tandem instructor in California and Florida, he has also participated in cross country and aerobatic competitions, and has flown numerous hang gliding sites across the U.S. and Australia. Steve is a Master rated HG pilot, and in 2008 received a commendation from the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association for his contributions to the sport. He is currently a USHPA Director at Large, serving the flying community as chairman of the USHPA Organization & Bylaws committee, and Treasurer of the Fellow Feathers of Fort Funston Hang Gliding Club. He resides with his wife Josiane in Brisbane, California, just 20 minutes from Fort Funston, his home flying site:


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