Sara Weaver
Director 04
2020 - 2021 | [email protected]
I started flying hang gliders in 2013, when I was 19 years old. I built my skills slowly over the next 3 years, taking long breaks from summer flying to finish college. I used my college scholarship money to buy my first harness, and when I graduated, I got a job and spent my summer saving for a WIlls Wing Sport2 135. Outfitted with my own gear, I immediately moved to Florida to work part-time and fly as much as I could. In 2017, after months of cross country flying practice, I entered my first competition, and found my true love in cross country flying. USHPA has much to offer our membership, and I believe diverse representative from hang gliding and paragliding can work hand-in-hand to increase the value of USHPA to our members.


Kitty Hawk Kites
Eagle Paragliding