Paul Voight
GF Director 09
2019 - 2020 | Region 5 |
Paul Voight is the 12 director, and currently chairs the Tandem Committee. At times he was the co-chair of the Safety and Training Committee, and was the USHGA Vice President three terms, for two different presidents. A long time hang gliding and Paragliding enthusiast, Paul hails from the Hudson Valley, New York area where he is also a Husband, Dad, and Poppy. He first learned to fly in Kitty Hawk, N.C. in 1972. He began instructing hang gliding in 1980, and paragliding in 1990. Paul owned a full service Hang Gliding and Paragliding business from 1984 till 2017. He is Master-rated (H-5) Hang Glider pilot, an Advanced-rated (P-4) paraglider pilot and an administrator for both the Tandem and the Instructor programs. When not catching the breezes hang gliding, Paul is an avid hockey player, photographer, and skier.


Kitty Hawk Kites
Eagle Paragliding
Big Spring Nationals