Mark G. Forbes
2019 - 2020 |
Mark is a member of the CPC and RVHPA chapters. He has served as USHPA treasurer for several years, as well as chair for the insurance and elections committees. He also takes care of the magazine archive project. Mark went to Oregon State University, 1977-1983 for EE/CS and became an Electronic product design engineer in 1983, focused on embedded systems in small start-up companies. Skilled in analog, digital and RF design, as well as mechanical, packaging and test system development. Mark is a H3 and P2, flying since 1994. He flies at various sites around the country, as well as Mexico, Canada and Australia. He is also a Light Sport pilot, training for his private pilot's license. He also flies a trike (HG tug). Mark's message to members, "I'm here to help you with any problems you may have related to our sport. Feel free to contact me by phone or email with questions, complaints or requests for help." About Mark: "I took my first one-day hang gliding lesson in 1987, getting my feet off the ground and sticking a perfect no-step landing. I've been trying to land that well ever since. My next lesson didn't happen until 1994, and I began flying hang gliders seriously in 1996. I picked up paragliding in 1998, and more recently learned to fly an ultralight trike with the intent of becoming a tug pilot. I was asked to fill in for our regional director in the fall of 2000, and joined the board formally as his replacement in 2001. Since then I've served as vice president and treasurer for USHPA. I chair the Insurance and Elections committees, and I'm also in charge of the magazine archive project. I also serve as a trustee of the Foundation for Free Flight, the tax-deductible charity which directly supports site preservation, education and competition for hang gliding and paragliding. I've flown various places in the US, from scooter tow, payout truck tow, aerotow and foot launch. I've flown in several over-the-water maneuvers clinics on my paraglider, and entered one hang gliding competition where I didn't finish last. (A success, in my view!) I've also flown in Canada, Mexico and Australia, and I hope to fly in Europe before too long. In "real life" I'm an electronics design engineer with interests in welding and fabrication, machining, Airedale terriers, community theatre, classical music, jazz and dance. I've also worked in radio broadcasting, television lighting and newspaper editing. I hold an amateur radio license and I'm a licensed Sport Pilot, working on my Private Pilot ticket."


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