Larry G. Dennis
GF Director 02
2019 - 2019 |
My interest in flying began when I was very young with plans to fly for the United States Air Force. I joined the ROTC program and had the opportunity to fly in a two seat jet (the T-33) and had the fun of doing loops, rolls and other maneuvers as well as spending several hours in a large cargo plane which just continued to whet my interest in flying. After being commissioned into the USAF my first assignment was at a research laboratory and during this time, hang gliders were just starting to come on the scene. I bought a book on hang gliding with the hope of flying one some day. Unfortunately life, my career, and further schooling put flying on hold for a while. Paragliding training began in 1998 and I have been flying ever since.


Kitty Hawk Kites
Eagle Paragliding