Kenneth L. Grubbs
Director 05
2019 - 2019 |
I first became aware of hang gliding after seeing the famous Popular Mechanics article from the early 70's. During the summer of 1974 while teaching at U. Michigan's Geologic Field Camp in Jackson, Wyoming, I saw Ken Bird and Mr. Nelson flying standards from Snow King Mt.. I immediately ordered a Chandell Standard (Maize and Blue Colors just like Michigan's) from REI for $489. At the end of the summer I had managed to teach myself to fly and was still alive to boot. After hundreds of 3 minute or less flights and three years or so I decided to come out of "stealth" status in Colorado's Front Range flying community and join the USHGA in 1977. One of my first acts after joining the organization was to get rid of my yellow plastic swing seat and buy a "safe" Golden Prone harness. I have been continuously flying various types of hang gliders in Region 4 ever since. What a wonderful journey that has been. Presently, I am a master rated hang glider pilot living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I was elected by the Board in Fall 2008 to fill the remainder of the Honorable Jim Zeiset's term as Region 4 Director. I also serve as the President of the Storm Peak Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association in Steamboat.


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