H-Bruce Weaver-III
GF Director 04
2019 - 2019 | Region 4 | gf_director_04@ushpa.org
I was fortunate enough to discover hang gliding during my summer vacation on a hot August day in 1986, and my life has revolved around it ever since. My first flight was awkward and short, and I'm sure it must have seemed fairly unremarkable to the casual observer. As insignificant as that flight must have looked, it changed the course of my life. In 1987 I became a hang gliding instructor and have been one ever since. In 1990 I started my current career as the manager of the Kitty Hawk Kites Hang Gliding School. Of the thousands of lessons I have taught, the most significant one came in 1994 when I gave my future wife her first hang gliding lesson. I have since taken my two sons for their first hang gliding flights on those same dunes. So I am proof that you never know where a single flight might take you. During my time in the sport I have had the good fortune to work with some of the smartest, most passionate and talented people in the industry. Many of those people were already well-established in our sport before I got to know them, but others were like me and had no idea how involved they would later become in our sport and our association. That list of people is too long to include, but I am confident that I still see the future leaders of our sport every day, either taking lessons or teaching them. We need more of these people. The future of our sport hinges on growth. We need to figure out how to get more people into this wonderful sport. The Association understands this and is working very hard at making this happen and I look forward to helping this cause. Growth is going to start with getting more people interested in taking lessons and more people teaching those lessons. Creating more students and instructors has been a constant focus of mine for the past 20 years. I draw on that experience to help the Association obtain its goals for growth. My experiences have also made me keenly aware of the issues facing individual pilots and instructors. I look forward to addressing the needs and goals of all our pilots and instructors. I have made it a point to treat every student and instructor professionally, honestly, and fairly. As a director, I deal with any issues or initiatives in the same manner.


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